Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook & loop fasteners


Besides zippers, we also offer a wide range of hook and loop fasteners. The range consists of: 

  • Premium quality hook and loop / mushroom and velours
  • Standard quality hook and loop / mushroom and velours
  • Economy quality hook and loop / mushroom and velours

We also provide specialized applications, such as:

  • Fire retardant hook and loop 
  • Adhesive hook and loop
    • 101 range: Premium quality
    • 102 range: Standard quality
  • Ultrasonic weldable hook and loop
  • Acrylic adhesive hook and loop
  • Coins hook and loop
  • Elasticated loop
  • Custom logos and imprints on tapes

We maintain a fixed colour card for our hook and loop fasteners, with a more restricted range for the fire retardant variant. Other colours are possible, but please be aware that this can result in a longer delivery time.

Premium / Standard / EconomicFlame RetardantAdhesive 101Adhesive 102Adhesive coins/squaresAcrylic adhesiveElastic loop
16 mm16 mm10 mm20 mm13 mm16 mm20 mm
20 mm20 mm16 mm25 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
25 mm25 mm20 mm50 mm19 mm25 mm50 mm
30 mm30 mm25 mm22 mm30 mm
38 mm3830 mm25 mm38 mm
50 mm50 mm38 mm33 mm50 mm
100 mm100 mm50 mm100 mm
100 mm