Coated zipper

If you are looking for a coated zipper that meets all your requirements, then we are more than happy to help. Eurozip produces and delivers zippers all over Europe and has expertise and experience on how to create zippers of the highest quality. Our zippers, like the coated zipper, are being ordered and used by the military and firefighters all over Europe.

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Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified

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Use a coated zipper for important purposes

There are a lot of reasons why you should invest in a coated zipper. One of the reasons is that these zippers are strong and reliable for extreme activity purposes. The zipper can be placed in clothing and bags for organizations such as the military. You can use this kind of zipper for military sleeping bags and normal bags, but also for reflective firefighter-wear.

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Are you interested in ordering the best zippers for any kind of activity? Then please contact us. You can fill in the form or call us at 0032-56-44 88 93. You can also contact us by sending an e-mail to We highly appreciate good relationships with our customers and therefore we are more than eager to help you with finding the best product.

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