Military – Firefighting – Safety

Our active involvement in the government tendering business has led to a widespread use of our zippers all over Europe. Due to extremely high requirements set for military and firefighter zippers, our products meet the highest quality and performance standards. Constant developments and innovations continuously force us – or allow us – to create and deliver better products.

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Popular products for these markets are:

  • Quick-release zippers (also known as panic zippers): these zippers allow the wearer to get out of his equipment (e.g. a military sleeping bag or a burning firefighter jacket) in a fraction of the time it would have taken with conventional zippers.
  • Infrared reflective zippers: these zippers are typically used in camouflage garments. The infrared reflective zipper will blend in with the environment when seen through e.g. tactical goggles.
  • Fire Retardant zippers: these zippers come with Zytel® treated elements, which keeps them working after at least 5 minutes in an oven of 260°C. The tapes are either FRP (Flame Retardant Permanent) or original Dupont Nomex®.
  • Fire Retardant hook and loop fasteners: hook and loop tapes of the highest quality, self-extinquishing (comparable with FRP zipper tape).
  • Water Repellant zippers: these zippers have a special coating that keeps them from getting wet (light water contact).
  • Splash zippers (either with a dull or shiny coating): these zippers have a PU coating that makes them near impervious to water.

Spiral Zippers

Moulded Injection Zippers

Metal Zippers

Hook & Loop Fasteners

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