Metal Zippers

Metal zippers are the most classic type of the modern zipper system. Perhaps less used than they were before, these zippers still have a strong position in today’s fashion market due to there more aesthetical appearance. We can supply these in numerous finishes, ranging from the commonly used brass, silver, copper etc. to the more exotic rose gold, light gold, shiny gold or silver, etc.

Improvements in development have made these zippers run more smoothly than before, by using the better Y-teeth method. These zippers are also still popularly combined with Nomex tapes, for example in case of the more classic firefighter gear.

Kleding industrie
Zipper M3.5 M4 M5 M8 M10
Width 4.30 mm 5.10 mm 5.80 mm 7.40 mm 8.40 mm

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