Special applications & Treatments

  • WR – Water Repellent: a chemical treatment to the zippers that makes them water repellent. 

  • SD/SDC/SS – Splash Dull/Splash Dull Coloured/Splash Shiny: these zippers are covered with a PU coating – either dull black, dull coloured or shiny – that makes them near impossible for water to get through. (Please note that, in case of full submersion, water can still drip through the teeth of the zipper!)
  • ECF – Extra Colour Fastened: special treatment that prevents the zipper tape to “bleed’ its colour on the clothing it is stitched into.
  • QR – Quick-Release: also known as “panic zippers”. Allows the wearer to unzip in a fraction of the normal time by pulling the slider up – out of the chain – rather than down. Most often used for military equipment (combat jackets, sleeping bags, …) and firefighter uniforms.
  • FRP – Flame Retardant (Permanent): retains the flame retardant capabilities, also after several washes.
    NL66: elements are treated to be heat- and flame resistant. NL66 class elements can withstand at least 5 minutes at 185°C (oven test).
  • Zytel®: a DuPont trademark, most often combined with Nomex® tapes. An improvement over NL66, which allows the elements to be heat- and flame resistant and withstand at least 5 minutes at 260°C (oven test).
  • IR(R) – InfraRed Reflective: these zippers are typically used in camouflage garments. The infrared reflective zipper will blend in with the environment when seen through e.g. tactical goggles.
  • HFW – High-Frequency Weldable: these zippers can be welded in, rather than sewn in, which makes them ideal for applications such as sun screens, heavy-duty tents, etc.
  • Reflective zippers: reflective strips are added to the front or back of the tapes, which makes these zippers especially interesting for safety and sports equipment.
  • UV resistant zippers: special treatment that ensures that the zippers do not discolour after prolonged exposure to sunlight. These zippers are often used for outdoor applications, such as tents.
  • Plastic sliders: the alternative for metal sliders, these plastic sliders are often preferred to increase the longevity of the zippers (e.g. for naval applications, such as sails or boat covers, where humidity and salt can affect metal sliders) or the safety of workers (e.g. electrical workers).
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