Moulded Injection Zippers

This popular type of zippers is characterized by the individual plastic teeth that are moulded to the zipper tapes. Like our spiral zippers, these moulded zippers can come with our FRP (Flame Retardant Permanent) tapes or with real Nomex tapes and can have contrasting variations of tapes and teeth.

Additionally, however, the plastic elements of these zippers can also be executed in heat and flame resistant fiberglass reinforced NL66, called Zytel. This, in combination with Nomex tapes, makes it possible for the zippers to function perfectly, even after being exposed to an oven test of >5 minutes at 260⁰ Celsius. This configuration makes them the ultimate zipper for modern firefighter gear, being much lighter and friendlier on the expensive fabrics than the classic metal zippers.

Another popular variant of the moulded injection zipper, is the Quick-Release Zipper. These zippers have modified top stops and teeth at the top of the zipper, which make it possible to open the zipper lightning fast in case of an emergency by pulling the slider UP instead of down. This makes them ideal for firefighting gear, as well as military uniforms, sleeping bags, etc.

Zipper D3 D5 D8 D10 D15
Width 4 mm 6 mm 7.80 mm 8.50 mm 14 mm

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Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified

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