Army zippers

When you are looking for army zippers that are affordable, then we are more than happy to help you. Over the years Eurozip has developed much knowledge and experience. With that knowledge, we know how to produce zippers of the highest quality.

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Army zippers for different activities

We are actively involved in the government tendering business which has made us a distributor of zippers all over Europe. The army and firefighters have extremely high requirements when it comes to using zippers. When your order our zippers and zipper slider types, you can count on a product that entails years of innovation and development. You can find some popular army zippers at Eurozip:

  • Quick release zippers (also known as panic zippers)
  • Infrared reflective zippers
  • Fire retardant zippers
  • Water repellant zippers
  • Splash zippers (either with a dull or shiny coating).
  • Spiral zippers

Spiral Zippers

Moulded Injection Zippers

Metal Zippers

Hook & Loop Fasteners

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When you are interested in ordering the best army zippers for any kind of activity, then please order them by contacting us. Fill in the form and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also call us at 0032-56-44 88 93 or send us an e-mail We highly appreciate sustainable relationships, therefore we will do our utter best to support you.

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