About Eurozip

Eurozip, based in Belgium, was founded in 1986. The company initially focused on the domestic market and produced all products in house. This allowed for very fast deliveries, which became one of the main selling points. More than 25 years later, we went for a very different approach. We expanded our customer base to include a diverse range of customers from all over Europe, as well as the USA and Asia, which led to a quadrupling of the annual turnover after just one year. As a result the production capacity in Belgium was no longer sufficient. Several foreign zipper manufacturing plants were studied extensively until we were completely satisfied with our choice for a reliable partner. Nowadays, the cooperation between Eurozip and our Taiwanese manufacturing partner is stronger than ever, resulting in product innovations and opportunities for new markets to explore.

While we maintain our extremely short delivery times for the domestic market, we gained the resources needed to expand our business. We like to define our business approach with the words: “our products are excellent, our prices even better”. Close contact with our customers results in a cooperation, rather than a transaction. We work together with our customers, so they can achieve their goals, rather than that we just be a supplier of goods.

Nowadays, Eurozip is – among other things – a trusted supplier for most European armies and proud to be chosen by the most renowned brands for firefighter- and safety gear.

The future is looking bright and we are confident to keep on growing as a company, hopefully with you at our side!


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