Zipper slider types

Are you looking for different zipper slider types? Eurozip distributes different types for many purposes all over Europe. Over the years we have gained an expanded knowledge about what makes a zipper great and sustainable. Therefore, you can be assured that we deliver zipper sliders of the best quality.

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Discover different zipper slider types

We provide you with different kind of slider types and applications. Eurozip can offer all standard types of sliders, but additionally also disposes of an extensive database of special variants, combinable with hook and loop fasteners or moulded injection zippers. This way, we can always offer the perfect zipper slider types, such as:

  • Closed-ended zipper
  • Open-ended zipper
  • Two-way open-ended zipper
  • Open-ended zipper with quick release system
  • O-form zipper with single slider
  • O-form zipper with twin slider
  • X-form zipper
  • Y-form zipper (also known as: R-form zipper)
  • Double open-ended
  • Double four-way open-ended

Spiral Zippers

Moulded Injection Zippers

Metal Zippers

Hook & Loop Fasteners

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Are you interested in ordering one of our available types? You can order them by contacting us by filling in this form. For any further questions, we are more than happy to support you. You can call us at 0032-56-44 88 93 or send an e-mail to We highly value good relationships, therefore we will do our utter best to find the right zipper slider types.

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